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Sioux City Construction League

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Thank you for your interest in Sioux City Construction League. Services Includes:


One year subscription to the weekly "Construction League Bulletin". The "Bulletin" is a compilation of: Upcoming projects for bid, future projects, low bidders from previously bid projects, updated planholders lists, city building permits, and advertising for our members at a reasonable cost.


Other services include: Plan room service where in blueprints, and specifications for upcoming projects are "checked out" to members so they can do their "take-off" back at their office. They may also choose to use one of our faxes sent out to members by request, U.P.S. service, and blueprint copier services.


Sioux City Construction League

3900 Stadium Drive P.O. Box 3346

Sioux City, IA 51102-3346

Phone: (712)255-9730

Fax: (712)255-3915